I complain about way too many things.

Too much studying drains me, and too little makes me feel empty. Too much hospital work exhausts me, and too little bores me. My group, my family, my bros, the traffic, too little holidays, too much holidays....
Even the weather...its too hot its too cold...its like nothing ever pleases me.

While i admit thats its only healthy to whine about some things, i've also noticed that this pessimistic sort of approach to things is draining...to say the least. All its been doing to me is simply adding on to my negative energy and to my already stressful life.

So, the other day, while i was having a conversation with someone i havent heard from in a while, and he asked me how i've been, i found myself answering with no hesitation "i've been good el7amdellah. Uni is good. Family is good. Everything is okay, i guess", and after i paused for a few seconds to contemplate what i've just said, "i'm happy" i added.

And while i was met with silence on the other end, i continued " el7amdella theres nothing more i can ask for. I dont think life can get any better than this".

I think just taking that moment out of my life to just contemplate that thought has made me realize that everything else just seems so petty and tiny and just...irrelevant...when you think of the big picture.

And by the big picture i mean people who dont have a country to call home, fathers who would kill to feed their starving children, people who are sick and in constant pain...and more or less the lack of the sense of security and the hopelessness that comes with or without it.

Security is a very precious gift.
As is hope.
And i think as long as i have those two, i will be able to sleep at night. I will remain happy :)

"3asa doum" my long-lost friend on the phone said. I asked him "Are you happy?". He sighed and mumbled a few what-ifs amd maybes. Never gave me a straight answer.

Since then, i've been asking alot of people this question...and the variety of replies i've been getting has been adding alot of perspective to things.

So i ask you to take a moment and think about it yourself.

Are you happy with your life?

~ to happiness

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LadyB said...

You post drew a huge smile on my face, 3sa doum sweety :*

Lost b2amreeka. said...


Anonymous said...

honestly i was having a pretty bad day with tension headaches, but since i read your post i felt much lighter; much relief, i started thinking all those people that i find so selfish dont deserve that much time on me contemplating on them and the what-if's that should've been...

thank you for making my day :o)

happy :o)