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My horrible experience with sheeel.com

I dont usually do reviews and all that....but this is something i had to share

I have ordered from sheeel.com several times, and a couple of weeks ago, they had an offer on the samsung galaxy sII, and i decided to get one for my uncle as a birthday gift. As usual, the phone arrived right the next day and everything was going well.

My uncle told me later that the phone gets very hot and the battery doesnt last more than 5 hrs, so he charges it more than 4 times a day. We called sheeel and they said to take it to warsha in shuwaikh. 

When my uncle went there, they told him that they will take the phone and open it and fix it. He refused; this is obviously a manufacturing flaw, and the phone should be replaced since we got it less than 48 hrs ago. 

A Mr. Faisal called me the next day (since the order was in my name) and tries to convince me that its normal for all phones to get hot and have their batteries last 5 hrs. When he saw i wasnt having any of that, he very politely told me that they cannot replace the phone if it hasnt been examined atleast. So i was asked to leave the phone at warsha, ON THE CONDITION that the phone will only be checked and NOT OPENED until i was informed first, and PROMISED that the phone be replaced if theres something wrong with it. They also called my uncle and said the same thing. We agreed and my uncle was to drop it off that afternoon.

That day, my uncle went to warsha, where he was told that the phone WILL be opened to be checked. He called sheeel right there and then and he was referred to their manager, a Mr. Hussain, who PROMISED us that the phone will be examined, but will not be opened or fixed until we were informed. So we agreed and left the phone there. 

FOUR DAYS LATER, the phone was still there and no one had contacted us. My uncle called them and they said that it turns out that the only problem with the phone was that it had an old software version that needs updating. How that relates to the phone getting hot, i will never know, but i swallowed it. 

Then they said that we can pick up the phone in two hours when the update is finished....because we all know it takes a good four days to update a phone, and its also a very secretive process and we dont inform the owners either. 

But again, we swallowed it. 

My uncle headed there two hours later to pick up the phone, and gets there to find that:
The phone has been OPENED and FIXED
We have been LIED TO about not opening it before informing us
We have been LIED TO about this being a software problem

He gets furious. 

He calls sheeel again and talks to this Hussain person, who then proceeds to DENY EVERYTHING, claiming he never said the phone will not be opened, he never said the phone will not be fixed, and the cherry on top, he never said the phone will ever be replaced. 

My uncle gets even more mad after the guy essentially CALLS HIM A LIAR, and reminds him that not only did this Hussain guy say this, but several other people from sheeel said the same thing. 

Aftter this, Hussain PROMISES my uncle that everything will be settled tomorrow morning, where you can come and either recieve a new phone or your money back. 

The next day, someone calls me again from sheeel to ask me to pick up the phone. I ask is it a new phone and he says no its the old one. I say thats not what was agreed on yesterday, and he says he has no idea whats going on about the matter - very professional

I call my uncle and he talks to them, and they say the same thing. He says but i talked to ur manager Hussain and he said the phone will either be replaced or you will be payed back, but again they say no we never said so. 

So my uncle says ok then, refer me to this hussain guy, and they say no erm well u see hussain is actually a new guy and he doesnt know anything, and now we're telling you you take the old phone oo kaifk sawy eli tabeh. -as in 6ig rask bl6ofa 

And after all this, you're probably thinking customer service doesnt get any worse than this, right?

But it does  :)

Two weeks, 150+ kd and no phone later, i decide to complain on twitter. Their representative replies to me very nicely and, yet again, PROMISES that the matter will be looked into and taken care of tomorrow.

But tomorrow came without a reply from them. 

So again, a couple of days later, i tweet them again, and this time, they choose to ignore me altogether :)

Now if this phone was for me, i just MIGHT swallow it, but the phone was a gift, and that made it so much worse. I got my uncle a birthday gift that was defective, that he had to run around fixing, and that he has to fight with everyone for....and, mind you, that he STILL DOESNT HAVE. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my experience with sheeel.com in a nutshell

They LIE
Then then call US LIARS
Then the DONT CARE what you do, as long as they have their money...regardless or not you got what you paid for

And as much as i loved the concept of sheeel and was very supportive of them, but seriously,


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to anticipation...

لا أدري منذ متى مات بيننا الترقّب"

لا أنت تتوقّع صوتي 
"ولاهاتفي ينتظرك

لـ أحلام مستغانمي 

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