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my favorite FourMe

A year ago today on her 29th birthday, FourMe was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma.

And because she is the fighter that she is, she battled this ugly war against cancer. This girly girl made it through highs and lows most of us would only have nightmares about, coping through chemo, biopsies, PET scans, steroids, pain meds and many many many tears, showing us the true meaning of the word 'fighter'

12 chemo sessions (and alot of pain) later, today FourMe celebrates her 30th birthday as a warrior, fighter and most importantly, as a cancer survivor.

In the battle of FourMe against cancer...in a battle solely about the survival of the fittest, FourMe won!!

So to one of the sweetest and strongest people i have ever had the pleasure of knowing and meeting, i wish you a great day and many many more cancer-free years to come :)

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