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I have two doors ahead of me right now.
Going into a field that i highly dislike, but that is very comfortable, and very profitable with minimal effort. This will give me a chance to do other things that ive always wanted to do (outside the medical field).
Or doing something i absolutely LOVE and am very passionate about, but that will essentially bury me alive with work and effort until im atleast 45. Effectively, wasting the best years of my life, and diminishing the already very slim chances of ever starting a family to zero.
How do you make a decision like that?

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closure - take 2

~special dedication to dina...and to all women who have learnt how to run ;**

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old wounds

They say time heals everything.
And I agree.
The problem is that people just like to rip apart old wounds that time has healed.
And it's always harder to heal the second time around.
"The old you would know what I mean"

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