2 spills

a roar and a whisper

The sound of the waves kissing the shore never failed to mesmerise her. 

There was something so musical about it, sbout the way it roared and whispered and roared again.  She could literally lay there and listen to it for hours and hours at end - infact, thats exactly what she was doing right now. 

A roar and a whisper, and then another roar. 

She opened her eyes and the sun had set. She inhaled the cold salty wind that blew in her face as she opened her eyes and took in the big black sea. 

She loved the sea, but there was something so scary about it at night. Something that made a chill run down her spine and made her put her jacket back on.

A roar and a whisper, and then another roar...

A roar that called her name,and she obeyed silently and walked towards the wave. The water touched her feet, and her toes sunk in. It tickled her, and she took another step as the waves lured her in, welcoming her with arms wide open. And another step. And another.

A roar and a whisper, and then another roar...

Her ipod on her neck played Mariah Carey's "My All", and she sang along. Had she been fully aware of what was happening this moment, she would've been shocked. Who would've thought she listened to such a sappy song, never mind knew the lyrics?

It wasnt easy pulling off the hard exterior that she pulls off every minute of every day infront of everyone. She realized it was much easier to be emtionless than it was to have to deal with the nuisance of having a heart - be it a loving heart, an aching heart, or a broken heart. 

But at the end of the day, she was only human, and despite the fact that no one could see them (and even made fun of the fact), her bottled up emotions were gnawing at her heart slowly. Day after day after day. 

A roar and a whisper, and then another roar...

Sparks came out of the water. She suddenly came to, realizing the water was upto her chest and that her ipod had a short-circuit and was hanging in the water from her neck, at heart level. 

But would it really have been so bad if her heart had a short-circuit too?

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