Amongst the many many random conversation that happen during the OT between me and my partners (in crime ;p), somehow we ended up discussing this song.

Do you remember this???

I couldn’t even wait till i even got home that day. I connected to youtube, and had the song blasting off my car for the next 3 days 6 days till now ;p

And from there, one related video took me to the next

And the next

And the next

And the next

And the next

and the next

The next thing i knew, i spent the weekend all curled up infront of the TV with the VCR (ee imagine! shakhbary ;p), spending hours and hours recollecting my childhood memories one Disney movie at a time...

I guess this comment just summed up how i felt :(

Whatever happened to fairytales?

Apparently, Disney has stopped making fairytale movies until further notice after Tangled and The princess and the Frog. They found that most of the people who went to see those were people in their 20s (ie me ;p) and not kids like before. They found that kids are now more interested in Hannah Montana and you know...other lame characters whose names i don’t know (twin kids of hotel, brunette who is a witch, fat dude living in the white house). Kids now are more interested in being cool and sexy and what not, rather than fairytales...our kids now are too óld’ for fairytales (unlike us who are still looking for our prince charming because we grew up believing this crap lol)

But you know, that doesn’t bother me as much as does the fact ena there’s no more innocence in Disney movies. It’s always about getting the girl oo having a girlfriend oo they’re all kissing here and there chenna el3eed. This never happened before in Disney movies, and if it did, it was always KNOWN ena hatha shay ghala6 oo mo 6abe3y like now. Remember? Dayman the kiss we saw in Disney movies was in the last scene where they get married and live happily ever after.And always the guy would aim to make the girl his wife, not his girlfriend.

It scares me to know the kind of values and standards kids nowadays are growing up to.

But, until then, ill go back to living in my fairytale land :)

And my personal favourite

and one last one...for the little kids inside of us who still believe in magic :)


~ to nostalgia and fairytales...

ps: writing this post took a good 4 hours out of my life...it was so difficult deciding what to include and what not to ;p

pps: i'm smiling and clapping like an idiot as i watch each video before adding it...its 2am lol

ppps: i'm going to bed very happy tonight :)

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Nemo said...

<3 I watched each of those movies/fairytales 1000 times or more? I used to watch them like every single day after school :)

Standy said...

omg, you brought back memories... sigh.. wallah we enjoyed our childhood and we lived it.. now the mintue they are 5 they talk about bf and who they have a crash on!! can you believe it.. and i totally agree the values are changing these days.. that is why, my kids will be kept in total darkness and they wont know what tv is. only books and the inside of the basement loool

doona said...

Ee exactly!! Esp in summer holidays! El9ub7 kanaw ahaly bldawam and all i did eb 7ayaty was watch disney movies on VCR back to back :D

Ee wallah shkithr memories came back :(
Nostalgia all over!
This is the reason im not having any kids ;p
Sounds like ur locking urs up in a dungeon though ;p

Nani_37 said...


I miss the days when we couldn't wait for the next Disney movie to come out and we'd rush to see it. I remember when i went to see Toy Story 3, the whole theater was packed with adults lol. Not a single little kid. Which is kinda sad.

It's true that kids aren't interested in fairytales as much as we were. And to them it's all about "grown up" stuff.

But, i know one thing for sure. When i have kids, i'll bring them up watching the awesome cartoons of our time. Even the cool ones like Thundercats and Silver Hawks ;).

I swear i still enjoy every second watching these old cartoons. :) Thanks for the memories dandoon :)

On-The-Rocks said...

offffff, 7addda, i wish Disney would produce new fairytale movies.

you missed one video though, where little mermaid is singing (wishing) to be a human.

'look at this stuff... isn't neat? isnt my collection is quite complete.....'

Anony said...

so'al yesda7 nafse mala shehgel be l post.. laish ur old posts magdar ashofhom? o shlon faj'a saraw wordpress o protected:o shlon ya3ni :o