I have two doors ahead of me right now.
Going into a field that i highly dislike, but that is very comfortable, and very profitable with minimal effort. This will give me a chance to do other things that ive always wanted to do (outside the medical field).
Or doing something i absolutely LOVE and am very passionate about, but that will essentially bury me alive with work and effort until im atleast 45. Effectively, wasting the best years of my life, and diminishing the already very slim chances of ever starting a family to zero.
How do you make a decision like that?

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M said...

Do what you enjoy.. don't build your life on IF.. good luck :*

Nemo said...

my professor once told me: "Follow Your Passion" as this is the only thing that will keep you satisfied.

Dracula said...

It shouldn't be called wasting the best years of my life. You wouldn't be wasting them, if anything you'd be making them better than best by doing something that basically complets you. something that not only makes you happy but will make you want to get out of bed and not think uhg, i hate my job. Do something you love because you won't get a second chance at life.

Thats just my opinion though.

Anonymous said...

sweety live is too short for you to waste it on ta3ab oo sheghel, enjoy life, isnt it enough enech ta3abtay wayed eb derastech?? dont you wanna enjoy shway? matabeen tetnafesain? with time your gonna love what you choose, i know u love the other option but do u really wanna burry yourself?? mata3btay sweety?? think about it,.. 9alay 9alat el estikhara, oo kilshay beed allah oo sob7ana.,..
good luck with watever you choose :) i wish u all the best!!

- Designer

ZoN said...

qolelna 3an ur options fedena :P

9alay estekhara, wily feh khair lich allah ysahilich eyah :)

this is my first comment since ages, shadne il "social friendly" speciality :P

doona said...

Thank u sweetness ;**
Its good to see you around :)

It will keep me satisfied i agree
But im passionate about alot of things outside my field too, that i will have time for if i take the easy way out :( thats my dilemma

I agree with you, bas madry. I will enjoy it sO very much, but i already feel like im Like theres so many things im missing out on. Now i have to put all these things on hold till im 40 :(
I do agree though...its feels great tO do something ur passionate about, and i of all people know that ;)
Thank u for ur feedback dear ;* means alot ;*

But to do something that you hate everyday for the rest of your life? :( me no likey :(
Lazem inshallah istikhara...allah kareem :)
Thank you for your input though ;) definetly adds perspective...ana t3abt mn elta3ab!

My social-friendly option is dermatology ;p
Such a good subspecialty...tkhali9 oo tba6il private and be a billionaire ;p

But i really hate derma. Like with a passion. Mo 3shan derma per se bas because i hate dealing with women and im not too big on vanity

My other option is medicine. Cardio. With a subsubspecialty loooool ;p fa i can effectively kiss the rest of my life goodbye ;p

And yea! Its has been too long! How u been? Graduated yet? ;p

Me miss you :(

Wicked said...

why do you think cardiology is gonna take all the fun of your life?? I know many female cardiologist and surgeons ba3ad but this never stopped them from living their lives

during my cardiology rotations I've always asked my doctors about the reason why chose this field , and whether they regret it or not.. no one did regret and alot of them assured me that you can have a social life and excel at your work

I also happen to know a dermatologist who is really good at her work but with ZERO social life .. thats why I firmly believe that whatever your speciality is, you can decide whether to live a normal life or not.,

in the end its your decision and if you need any help contacting drs or dermatologist Let me know

Nani_37 said...

Go with Cardiology. You'll be a great cardiologist, and you'll still have time to have some fun when you are finally an attending. But, even if choose dermatology, you'll still have to spend a lot of time working but only a different kind of work. The physical stress is much less, but you'll keep reading till your eyes come out, plus it's boring.

Basically, no matter what specialty you choose, you'll be buried in work during the residency. But, honestly speaking, both your options won't really keep you detached from everything around you. I mean medicine isn't that bad. It'll give you a lot of time to start a family. And believe me you can. I know that because our family is doing alright ;)

Best of luck choosing dude :)

Nemo said...

you do say that but when you actually get the free time you wanted, u'll say i'm bored, now what?

[Unless] you really have a passion about something else, a plan? Opening your own business? Building a family of your own? a real project you've been thinking about?

ZoN said...

derma hmm true, it has a good life style w wnees bs madre shlon ne'9ama bilq8.

cardio walah mo sahala abadan w ma3ach 7aq, bs taw ilnas entay khal9ai bil awal w saway ur intership, tali y9er khair, ymkin u start to like another speciality :P

ana na6rech entay etkhal9en 3ashan et9eren my boss, w ba3den i graduate. :D

like wise my friend :)

Anonymous said...

I feel you!
I know I still have a couple of months till I graduate inshallah, but I'm already thinking a lot about this particular issue. Should I go for convenient? Or should I go for what I reallyy reeeeally love but will bury me for life?
So I can't really give you any advice, bs 9alli este5ara o inshallah rabbi ywafgek o ysahel lek :)

Keep us posted! :D

THZ said...

hmmm i say flip a coin or ask urself what would tyler durden do? thats how i make life decisions

doona said...


Thank you all very much for your feedback :)

Your input has helped me make up my mind.

Nemo said...

just one more thing :p don't think about your choice when u're exhausted :p

Standy said...

I say come to 3oommmaaaan and we shall talk =p